Why it’s important to keep a good posture while studying?

“Sit straight!”, “Don’t Lean!”, everyone must have encountered with these types of command while studying. Am I right? The posture of the body should be always kept in mind while studying. It has a direct impact on your physique. If the posture while sitting is not given proper attention then it may lead to an innumerable number of health disease which may prove harmful afterwards. Diseases like arthritis, TMJ and much more bone disease affects your body part severely. You might have become offended sometimes due to constantly hearing the same commands by your teachers and parents while walking or sitting or sleeping. But you never came to know why they continuously asked you to improve your body posture. Properly read the below-mentioned points and be ready to know the truth.

Ideal Sitting Posture

Everyone talks about the effects of good posture on the body or how to improve body posture. Here you will come to know about what is the ideal body posture while sitting. Give it a read:-

  1. Sitting posture differs from person to person. The height, type of chair being used, work performed while sitting, are the factors which may determine various sitting postures.
  2. The feet of the person sitting on the chair should be resting flat on the ground or on the footrest part of the chair.
  3. The person should not cross the ankles or knees while sitting.
  4. The person should maintain a small gap between the back of the knees and the chair.
  5. The person should relax the shoulders while sitting.
  6. The person should sit straight while studying without leaning on the study table.
  7. Everyone should avoid sitting on the table for a long period of time. A short 10 minutes break should be taken every two hours.
  8. A cushion should be placed at the against the chair, back of the body, so that it may provide proper rest to the backbone.
  9. The person should sit straight and look forward without straining the neck.

These are some of the good posture sitting habits which one should develop in daily life for smooth and easy-going life. There are many more good postures but the above mentioned are some of the basic postures of the body that should be taken care while sitting and studying.

Effects of Bad posture on the Body

Bad sitting posture always puts stress on the human body. It’s impact on the human body always prove to be disastrous in one or the other way. If proper attention is not given to the body then it may lead to below mentioned health problems which generally proves fatal. Some of its severe impact on the human body are mentioned below:-

Pain in body parts:- Poor posture causes pain in body parts like back, shoulder and neck pain. Sitting for long hours may force your body to lean on the desk that creates a harmful impact on the back part of the body.

Headache:- Due to bad posture and continuous leaning on the desk a heavy pain in the head can be felt. The pain may increase if the body posture is not taken good care properly .

Curvature:- The backbone present in our back is not actually straight. There’s some kind of curve present in it naturally. Bad posture may distort these natural curves due to which you may feel some kind of a pain in your body.

Spinal Misalignment:- Misalignment in the spinal cord can be felt if you perform problems activities in the bad posture among one of the most complicated spinal problem.

Bad Circulation:- Sitting for prolonged hours may lead to bad Circulation in your body that will prove harmful later on.

Poor Digestion:- Due to slouching your body over your abdomen may lead to poor Digestion. It may hamper the metabolism system which leads to nutritional deficiency. Nutritional deficiency is not good for health.

Arthritis:- Poor posture leads to bone-diseases are known as Arthritis. In this, due to misalignment, it may cause pain in the knees or spine. Once this disease takes place in your body then it is very difficult to do daily activities freely.

Fatigue:- Poor posture has a negative effect on the energy level of the person.

Jaw pain:- Due to continuous slouching, a kind of pain can be felt in the jawline. This leads to temporomandibular Syndrome which affects the biting pattern.

Hence, the above mentioned are the reasons why we are often told to sit properly and study. Sitting properly while studying strengthens the energy present in your body and helps you in proper studying. Studying requires a good posture so that the brain will acquire knowledge properly without any strain. In other words, the brain requires a stressful environment to function properly. And good body posture is the best way to stress-free the brain.

So, it is advised to sit straight. Keep it in your mind from the next time before sitting otherwise you know the after-effects. Yes, some of the diseases can be solved after acquiring a good medical aid but then also the body posture remains the same and not improved than the current health issues may worsen to the extreme level. You never know a small habit may change your body language to such an extent. So better, obey your elders to live your to the fullest.

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