What is a TDS Meter, and Why Do you Need One?

A lot has been said and heard about TDs meter these days. It is essential to understand what TDS meter is and why you would need one. Water is a solvent that would dissolve almost everything in it, and this may include salt, minerals, metals, and so on.

TDS means total dissolved solids. If in the particular volume of water, there is high TDS than prescribed, then that water will not be suitable for drinking and daily use. Also, the regular and ordinary water filters might not be able to handle such water too. Thus, here comes the role of a best TDS meter.

What is a TDS meter?

There may be a lot of items in the water, which would make the water impure. These solid materials might include sewage, minerals, fertilizers, salt, and many such things. If you are getting much water in your location, you will have to b cautious about it. If you had a good water filter system equipped with TDS meter, you would know what kind of impurities lie in water.

In most of the advanced water filter systems, you will have a TDS meter. If you don’t want such a water filter, you can only buy a TDS meter, a vital device to determine the soluble materials in water.

Why would you need a TDS meter?

Here are some of the reasons that will help you to determine why you would need a TDS meter?

• To determine the best levels of TDS in water

It will be vital to determine what level of TDS is safe for your health. Well, ideally, experts suggest that the TDS level of 300-500 is best for drinking water. If you have levels lower than this, then the taste of water would be quite flat. If you have levels higher than this, then it might not be safe for drinking.

• To determine the effect of water on appliances

It is important to note that the level of TDS will affect your home appliances. If you have high TDS in water in your area, then the appliances like water boiler, plumbing appliances, etc. would be at risk because there would be substantial buildup in the pipes and the equipment. Thus, measuring TDs will become essential for keeping the health of the home appliances intact.

• If you have a swimming pool

If you have a swimming pool in the backyard or outside the residence, you will need a TDS meter to determine TDS levels. It is because if the levels are too high, there will be clogged pipes, which would ultimately lead you to issues.

• Maintaining the filter systems

If you want to maintain the filter systems, you should check the TDS levels in the water, which will help keep the health of the filter systems.

With all the above details, it is clear why you need to invest in a decent TDS meter. Also, if you want, you can buy a water filtration system with a built-in filtration system and TDS meter.

You can checkout online for the best water filtration system and a TDS meter. These things will help you in maintaining your health through safe drinking and safe cooking water.


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