Japanese Skin Care

Japanese women are known for their enviable and flawless skin which radiates such youthfulness that one can never pinpoint what age-group they belong to, and most people attribute it to a rigorous regimen which is impossible to follow, but the reality is quite different. Here are some tips you too can follow and be surprised by the results

Use a light cleanser

The most basic step towards taking care of your skin is using a lightweight cleanser, with low or no alcohol content. It is essential to use a moisturising cleanser because stripping your skin off natural oils is never ideal. It’s best to cleanse your face, right before you go to sleep. Be sure to follow it up with some lightweight night cream.

The key is to stay away from harsh chemicals and also not to oversaturate your skin with products.

Skin Softening Cream

Possibly one of the best kept secrets, if you thought using moisturizers is the only way to get smooth and glowing skin, think again, softening creams are actually another range of products which add a boost to your skin and will definitely bring about an amazing glow to your face.

Facial Massage

When they say beauty is skin deep, it can have more than just one meaning, the blood circulation under your skin is an important factor in making your skin remain youthful and the best way to do so is, massage your facial muscles frequently, this can be done by using an electric massager, preferably one with angular attachments to suit the different contours of your face. You can include this ritual in your daily skin regimen, especially when you are sitting idle, like watching TV or listening to music.

Face Masks

Face masks are just the anti-ageing ritual to add to your regime to maintain moisture and by extension a supple feel to your skin. Look for hydrating masks with ingredients like hyaluronic acid and royal jelly. Apply it at least once a month.

Let your skin breathe

Everyone once in a while let your skin breathe, with absolutely no products. Not even moisturizer. This is essential for the skin to be able to breathe on its own and repair itself.

Use Sunscreen

With climate change, the solar rays are becoming more and more damaging and that has adverse effects on your skin when you step out. Sunscreen is not longer an optional cosmetic product, it is essential not just for skin health but also to prevent skin diseases.

Green Tea

Include green tea in your diet. It might take some time to develop the flavour but it’s definitely a habit which could do wonders for your skin.

Omega 3

Make sure to have an Omega-3 rich diet, as it is an essential nutrient for skin health. Avocados are a good source of Omega-3.


  • It’s never too late to start taking care of yourself and your skin.
  • Self care shouldn’t have to be an arduous task, you can create your own skin care regimen which is convenient to you but be sure to stick to it.
  • Healthy diet is as important as a skin care regime, be sure to stay away from sugary and fried food
  • The purpose of an anti-ageing regimen is not to age at all but to do so in the best way possible.
  • Products containing tea tree oil, green tea, seaweed, collagen are found to be beneficial for your skin.
  • Use silk or satin pillowcase, they do not rob your face off moisture
  • There are numerous Japanese websites which shop japanese products worldwide, you can definitely try some products like that and find out what works for you

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