How To Choose Right Garment Steamer For You?

Clothes steamer is the new revolution in getting rid of pesky wrinkles from clothing and why not, they not only are effective in removing wrinkles but they also remove odors and brings out freshness in the fabric in a hassle free manner when compared with ordinary iron. Ordinary irons tend to damage the material but you do not run that risk when it comes to clothes steamer.

Here is all that you need to know before you make you decide whether a clothes steamer is ideal for you and if it is, how do you select one that suits you.

Benefits of Clothes Steamer

  • For someone who irons frequently and is not satisfied with how even after careful ironing, wrinkles remain, then steam press is your go to option, they are easy to use and you do not need skillful hands to operate them.
  • Clothes steamer comes in especially handy when you own a wardrobe with different variety of fabrics
  • Regarding choosing the right size- For a home based use, a medium size works best and handheld steamers are travel friendly. .

Type of clothes steamer

  • Commercial floor models used for large scale businesses
  • Mid-sized or standing steamers for small business or a large family

  • Handheld mini steamer can be used in a household and is travel friendly

Things to keep in mind while choosing a steamer

  • Refillable tank

The bigger the tank, the more steaming time, so choose a tank size which meets your needs, somewhere between 1500 ml to 1800 ml work best. Also choose a steamer which takes no longer than a minute for heat-up time. For travel a tank capacity of 150 ml is ideal

  • Reach

It’s good to test out the cord length and attachments that come with the device to find out if it meets all your requirements. Try to get the nozzle to reach over on your attire and see if you can easily handle it.

  • Auto power off

This feature is of utmost importance to prevent your steamer from being a fire hazard.

  • Replacement Parts

The attachments are bound to get worn out in due time, find out if replacement parts can be bought easily and are cost efficient.

Other Important Considerations

  • Although nowadays everything under the sun is available online, clothes steamer is just one of those things, you are better off buying from a mortar and brick store, as you need to get a feel of the steamer, the accessories and whether its comfortable for you to actually use it.
  • It also helps to check out, whether the claims are true, the steaming time, the volume of the steamer is just as you desire and the cord length.

Suggestions after you buy yourself a Garment Steamer

  • Do not leave leftover water in the tank after you are done steaming, collected water can develop a smell which can easily transfer to your clothes
  • Do thoroughly wash the tank every now and then, especially if your water supply has levels of chlorine or minerals
  • If the water supply in your area is known to have hard minerals or iron, its better to use filtered water
  • Be careful while filling water in the tank and do not let the cord or other parts come in touch with water
  • It’s best to read the label for directions as to how much temperature a particular piece of clothing can take and proceed from there, it also helps to test out on a small portion of the clothing before steaming the entire cloth.
  • It helps to hang whatever clothing you want to steam, and then proceed with the process with improved reachability as opposed to laying out the cloth when you iron clothes


There is no doubt that Garment steamer is the future of getting wrinkle and crease free, it’s only a matter of whether you are going to make the switch now or a few years down the line.

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