barcode scanners functionality

How Barcode Scanners Work Exactly? Best Selling Barcode Scanners In India!

The supermarkets have a special laser device which makes a beeping sound every time it scans something. That’s nothing but the barcode scanner. With the help of the barcode scanners, the business has benefitted a lot and have reduced the work burden. The barcode scanners work perfectly to scan the barcodes and send the decoded information on the computer. The barcode scanners are helping millions of businesses to efficiently manage the inventory.

With the barcode on almost every product, the barcode reader scans and makes the entry in the system. With this process, the businesses like the supermarkets, general stores, logistics and others easily check the details of the scanned product and store it on the computer. If you are willing to get the best barcode scanner, then you are in the right place. In this post, we are going to share the detailed information on the best selling barcode scanners that you can find in Indian markets. We’ve scavenged the online marketplaces and listed a few products that suit your needs.

barcode scanners functionality

How Do Barcode Scanners Work?

The barcode scanners are a unique device. With the invention of the barcodes, the scanners came to life. The barcodes are the simple one-dimensional codes, which are coded to store the information. The white and black lines make the barcodes, that’s why there are named the “BAR” codes.

The barcode scanner reads the white lines and decrypts the information. The barcode scanner works only if the connected system has information about the barcode. If the barcode is fed in your system, then the machine only decrypts the same and enters it in your system. The barcode scanners are usually connected with a variety of software programs. From the inventory management programs to the Excel sheets, they can output the results in any software with ease.

How to Use a Barcode Scanner?

To use the barcode scanner, the user has to turn ON the same, connect it to the computer, and then point the scanning head towards the barcode so that the device can read it. Once the device decrypts the barcode, it emits the beeping sound confirming the output. In short, using the barcode scanners is pretty simple.

Best Selling Barcode Scanners in India

There are a lot of good barcode scanners in Indian markets. But you have to be a smart buyer and choose only the best one. Here are a few best selling barcode scanners in India.

#1  – iBall WBS-650MV 2.4GHz Wireless Barcode Reader

iBall WBS-650MV

iBall Barcode scanners are the best sellers in the online markets. With the iBall WBS-650MV wireless barcode scanner, it becomes easier for the businesses to scan products instantly. It’s a wireless scanner, so you don’t need a corded connection. Connect the provided 2.4GHz wireless dongle to the computer, and you are ready to roll. This product has the wireless range of 100M, don’t drift away from the range; otherwise, you won’t be able to scan products till you get in the range. It’s a great product for the beginners and the advanced barcode scanner users.

#2 – Pegasus PS3160 Barcode and QR Code Scanner

The businesses do not only scan the barcodes but also scan the QR code coupons issued to the customers. That’s where the Pegasus PS3160 barcode and QR code scanner comes to shine. With the Pegasus PS3160 scanner, you can easily scan the 1D barcodes and the QR codes. This product is very versatile and works flawlessly with almost any type of computer. Be it the Mac, Windows or the Linux machine, it supports everything and works flawlessly. If you are comfortable with using the wired barcode scanner, then this is a great product.

#3 – Intex IN-101 BS Barcode Scanner

Intex Barcode Scanner

Intex is rocking the barcode scanners market in India with superb products. The Intex IN-1010 Barcode scanner comes with the powerful hardware, which makes it one of the most sensitive and accurate barcode scanners in India. With this product, you can easily scan the 1D barcodes within a few milliseconds. The laser used in this barcode scanner is very bright, so scanning in the low light or the bright lighting condition is a breeze. It’s a hybrid scanner, which means it uses the wired and wireless modes as connectivity. With this product, you can keep track of your inventory with ease.

#4 – TVSE BSC 101 Barcode Reader

You may see this TVSE BSC 101 barcode scanner in the markets. Be it the supermarket or the logistics operations centre; it’s one of the best seller, barcode scanners in India. The TVSE BSC 101 is known for its speed and accuracy. It’s a wired barcode scanner, which performs 300 scans per second, which is a commendable speed. With the TVSE BSC 101 barcode scanner, you can easily scan the 1D barcodes. It comes with the automatic scanning mode, which means you can keep it on the stand, and it will keep scanning the barcodes automatically. If your workload is greater, then this feature works flawlessly. It’s a great barcode scanner that you should not miss buying.

Final Words

The barcode scanners play an important role in Inventory management. It was a boon for the industries and small businesses to get the system of barcodes for efficient inventory management. With the best selling barcode scanners in India, millions of businesses are enjoying the convenience. If you are tired of manual inventory management, then it’s the right time to get the best barcode scanner for your business.

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