5 Best Mosquito Repellent Plants To Try In 2021 🪴

No one loves the annoying mosquitoes, which make nothing but the noise and bite you for sucking the blood. There are millions of people suffering from Mosquito-borne diseases in third-world countries. So, staying safe from mosquitoes is pretty essential. We’ve seen many people using mosquito repellent creams and lotion on their body. They are working perfectly fine, but the long term use of the same might not be suitable for your skin. For some, there are a few advanced options like BuzzBGone;For same, you need to have some natural options.

The essential oil mosquito repellent spray is pretty useful. But they are not the permanent solution for repelling mosquitoes. You should do something that will permanently prevent the mosquitoes from your house or the backyard. Well, nature already has provided ways to keep the mosquitoes away. With the best mosquito repellent plants, you can easily keep the mosquitoes at bay. Wherever such plants are grown, the mosquitoes will not dare to roam around that area. That’s why we are sharing detailed information on the best Mosquito Repellent plants that you can immediately sow in your garden or the backyard.

Best Mosquito Repellent Plants

#1 – Marigold

Marigold is one of the best types of flowers that you can use. In India, the Marigold flowers are used in the garlands to welcome someone or to offer the gods. When you grow the Marigold plants in your garden, the mosquitoes won’t dare to come around that area. Due to the strong mosquito repellent properties, this plant is the best one for fulfilling your requirements. When you have multiple Marigold plants in your garden, and all of them have flowers, then it will provide the maximum effects. If grown along with the other plants, then it will also deter other kinds of pests and bugs from the plants.

#2 – Citronella Grass

Citronella is one of the most popular plants that comes with Anti Mosquito properties. It’s the main ingredient in most mosquito repellent creams, lotions, oils and many other products. Growing the Citronella grass in your garden will help you to get the amazing smell in the garden along with the mosquito resistance. There is nothing better than the few bulbs of citronella grass growing in the garden. Make sure to grow the grass between the two plants, as it will protect the surrounding plants from any kind of pest and bugs infestation.

#3 – Catnip

Many people consider Catnip as a weed as it grows abundantly in every place. It’s in the mint family and has a special smell to the same. Thanks to the abundance of the same, we can use it as the best mosquito repellent plant. You should have the Catnip in the garden pot as it provides protection from mosquitoes. If your garden has a puddle of water, then there are high chances of mosquitoes breeding in the same. Growing the Catnip around the puddle will help you get rid of the mosquitoes effectively. As it’s easily available all around the abandoned factories, houses and public gardens, you can get your hands on the same without any issues.

#4 – Lavender

Lavender doesn’t only help you increase the aesthetic value of your backyard but also a great mosquito repellent. The lavender essential oil is popularly used in mosquito repellent products as the main ingredient. With the Lavender plant, you’ll have a nice aroma in the environment, along with protection from mosquitoes. You should have noticed that the nurseries having Lavender plants will not have any kind of mosquitoes even in the high-moisture environment. So, why should you miss the chance to have this beautiful flower plant in your home?

#5 – Rosemary

This is one of the most exotic herbal plants in the world that is widely used in almost all cuisines. Due to the special aroma and flavour, it enhances the taste of any recipe. According to the research done by the New York Botanical Society, the Rosemary plant has the ability to deter pests and insects like Mosquitoes. Having the Rosemary plant in your backyard will not only provide you with an unlimited supply of fresh herbs but also will help you to repel the annoying mosquitoes.

Final Words

Most of the third-world countries are suffering from the ill effects of mosquito bites. To stay safe from the ill effects, we should always take some proper care. In this post, we tried to share the list of the best mosquito repellent plants, which will help you to stay safe from the mosquitoes while you are sitting peacefully in the garden. Make sure to educate others about the same, as it will help them to have a wonderful backyard, and also, they’ll stay safe from the annoyance of the mosquitoes.

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