5 Best Mosquito Repellent Plants To Try In 2021 🪴

No one loves the annoying mosquitoes, which make nothing but the noise and bite you for sucking the blood. There are millions of people suffering from Mosquito-borne diseases in third-world countries. So, staying safe from mosquitoes is pretty essential. We’ve seen many people using mosquito repellent creams and lotion on their body. They are working perfectly fine, but the long term use of the same might not be suitable for your skin. For some, there are a few advanced options like BuzzBGone;For same, you need to have some natural options.

The essential oil mosquito repellent spray is pretty useful. But they are not the permanent solution for repelling mosquitoes. You should do something that will permanently prevent the mosquitoes from your house or the backyard. Well, nature already has provided ways to keep the mosquitoes away. With the best mosquito repellent plants, you can easily keep the mosquitoes at bay. Wherever such plants are grown, the mosquitoes will not dare to roam around that area. That’s why we are sharing detailed information on the best Mosquito Repellent plants that you can immediately sow in your garden or the backyard.

Best Mosquito Repellent Plants

#1 – Marigold

Marigold is one of the best types of flowers that you can use. In India, the Marigold flowers are used in the garlands to welcome someone or to offer the gods. When you grow the Marigold plants in your garden, the mosquitoes won’t dare to come around that area. Due to the strong mosquito repellent properties, this plant is the best one for fulfilling your requirements. When you have multiple Marigold plants in your garden, and all of them have flowers, then it will provide the maximum effects. If grown along with the other plants, then it will also deter other kinds of pests and bugs from the plants.

#2 – Citronella Grass

Citronella is one of the most popular plants that comes with Anti Mosquito properties. It’s the main ingredient in most mosquito repellent creams, lotions, oils and many other products. Growing the Citronella grass in your garden will help you to get the amazing smell in the garden along with the mosquito resistance. There is nothing better than the few bulbs of citronella grass growing in the garden. Make sure to grow the grass between the two plants, as it will protect the surrounding plants from any kind of pest and bugs infestation.

#3 – Catnip

Many people consider Catnip as a weed as it grows abundantly in every place. It’s in the mint family and has a special smell to the same. Thanks to the abundance of the same, we can use it as the best mosquito repellent plant. You should have the Catnip in the garden pot as it provides protection from mosquitoes. If your garden has a puddle of water, then there are high chances of mosquitoes breeding in the same. Growing the Catnip around the puddle will help you get rid of the mosquitoes effectively. As it’s easily available all around the abandoned factories, houses and public gardens, you can get your hands on the same without any issues.

#4 – Lavender

Lavender doesn’t only help you increase the aesthetic value of your backyard but also a great mosquito repellent. The lavender essential oil is popularly used in mosquito repellent products as the main ingredient. With the Lavender plant, you’ll have a nice aroma in the environment, along with protection from mosquitoes. You should have noticed that the nurseries having Lavender plants will not have any kind of mosquitoes even in the high-moisture environment. So, why should you miss the chance to have this beautiful flower plant in your home?

#5 – Rosemary

This is one of the most exotic herbal plants in the world that is widely used in almost all cuisines. Due to the special aroma and flavour, it enhances the taste of any recipe. According to the research done by the New York Botanical Society, the Rosemary plant has the ability to deter pests and insects like Mosquitoes. Having the Rosemary plant in your backyard will not only provide you with an unlimited supply of fresh herbs but also will help you to repel the annoying mosquitoes.

Final Words

Most of the third-world countries are suffering from the ill effects of mosquito bites. To stay safe from the ill effects, we should always take some proper care. In this post, we tried to share the list of the best mosquito repellent plants, which will help you to stay safe from the mosquitoes while you are sitting peacefully in the garden. Make sure to educate others about the same, as it will help them to have a wonderful backyard, and also, they’ll stay safe from the annoyance of the mosquitoes.…

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How Barcode Scanners Work Exactly? Best Selling Barcode Scanners In India!

The supermarkets have a special laser device which makes a beeping sound every time it scans something. That’s nothing but the barcode scanner. With the help of the barcode scanners, the business has benefitted a lot and have reduced the work burden. The barcode scanners work perfectly to scan the barcodes and send the decoded information on the computer. The barcode scanners are helping millions of businesses to efficiently manage the inventory.

With the barcode on almost every product, the barcode reader scans and makes the entry in the system. With this process, the businesses like the supermarkets, general stores, logistics and others easily check the details of the scanned product and store it on the computer. If you are willing to get the best barcode scanner, then you are in the right place. In this post, we are going to share the detailed information on the best selling barcode scanners that you can find in Indian markets. We’ve scavenged the online marketplaces and listed a few products that suit your needs.

barcode scanners functionality

How Do Barcode Scanners Work?

The barcode scanners are a unique device. With the invention of the barcodes, the scanners came to life. The barcodes are the simple one-dimensional codes, which are coded to store the information. The white and black lines make the barcodes, that’s why there are named the “BAR” codes.

The barcode scanner reads the white lines and decrypts the information. The barcode scanner works only if the connected system has information about the barcode. If the barcode is fed in your system, then the machine only decrypts the same and enters it in your system. The barcode scanners are usually connected with a variety of software programs. From the inventory management programs to the Excel sheets, they can output the results in any software with ease.

How to Use a Barcode Scanner?

To use the barcode scanner, the user has to turn ON the same, connect it to the computer, and then point the scanning head towards the barcode so that the device can read it. Once the device decrypts the barcode, it emits the beeping sound confirming the output. In short, using the barcode scanners is pretty simple.

Best Selling Barcode Scanners in India

There are a lot of good barcode scanners in Indian markets. But you have to be a smart buyer and choose only the best one. Here are a few best selling barcode scanners in India.

#1  – iBall WBS-650MV 2.4GHz Wireless Barcode Reader

iBall WBS-650MV

iBall Barcode scanners are the best sellers in the online markets. With the iBall WBS-650MV wireless barcode scanner, it becomes easier for the businesses to scan products instantly. It’s a wireless scanner, so you don’t need a corded connection. Connect the provided 2.4GHz wireless dongle to the computer, and you are ready to roll. This product has the wireless range of 100M, don’t drift away from the range; otherwise, you won’t be able to scan products till you get in the range. It’s a great product for the beginners and the advanced barcode scanner users.

#2 – Pegasus PS3160 Barcode and QR Code Scanner

The businesses do not only scan the barcodes but also scan the QR code coupons issued to the customers. That’s where the Pegasus PS3160 barcode and QR code scanner comes to shine. With the Pegasus PS3160 scanner, you can easily scan the 1D barcodes and the QR codes. This product is very versatile and works flawlessly with almost any type of computer. Be it the Mac, Windows or the Linux machine, it supports everything and works flawlessly. If you are comfortable with using the wired barcode scanner, then this is a great product.

#3 – Intex IN-101 BS Barcode Scanner

Intex Barcode Scanner

Intex is rocking the barcode scanners market in India with superb products. The Intex IN-1010 Barcode scanner comes with the powerful hardware, which makes it one of the most sensitive and accurate barcode scanners in India. With this product, you can easily scan the 1D barcodes within a few milliseconds. The laser used in this barcode scanner is very bright, so scanning in the low light or the bright lighting condition is a breeze. It’s a hybrid scanner, which means it uses the wired and wireless modes as connectivity. With this product, you can keep track of your inventory with ease.

#4 – TVSE BSC 101 Barcode Reader

You may see this TVSE BSC 101 barcode scanner in the markets. Be it the supermarket or the logistics operations centre; it’s one of the best seller, barcode scanners in India. The TVSE BSC 101 is known for its speed and accuracy. It’s a wired barcode scanner, which performs 300 scans per second, which is a commendable speed. With the TVSE BSC 101 barcode scanner, you can easily scan the 1D barcodes. It comes with the automatic scanning mode, which means you can keep it on the stand, and it will keep scanning the barcodes automatically. If your workload is greater, then this feature works flawlessly. It’s a great barcode scanner that you should not miss buying.

Final Words

The barcode scanners play an important role in Inventory management. It was a boon for the industries and small businesses to get the system of barcodes for efficient inventory management. With the best selling barcode scanners in India, millions of businesses are enjoying the convenience. If you are tired of manual inventory management, then it’s the right time to get the best barcode scanner for your business.…

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What is a TDS Meter, and Why Do you Need One?

A lot has been said and heard about TDs meter these days. It is essential to understand what TDS meter is and why you would need one. Water is a solvent that would dissolve almost everything in it, and this may include salt, minerals, metals, and so on.

TDS means total dissolved solids. If in the particular volume of water, there is high TDS than prescribed, then that water will not be suitable for drinking and daily use. Also, the regular and ordinary water filters might not be able to handle such water too. Thus, here comes the role of a best TDS meter.

What is a TDS meter?

There may be a lot of items in the water, which would make the water impure. These solid materials might include sewage, minerals, fertilizers, salt, and many such things. If you are getting much water in your location, you will have to b cautious about it. If you had a good water filter system equipped with TDS meter, you would know what kind of impurities lie in water.

In most of the advanced water filter systems, you will have a TDS meter. If you don’t want such a water filter, you can only buy a TDS meter, a vital device to determine the soluble materials in water.

Why would you need a TDS meter?

Here are some of the reasons that will help you to determine why you would need a TDS meter?

• To determine the best levels of TDS in water

It will be vital to determine what level of TDS is safe for your health. Well, ideally, experts suggest that the TDS level of 300-500 is best for drinking water. If you have levels lower than this, then the taste of water would be quite flat. If you have levels higher than this, then it might not be safe for drinking.

• To determine the effect of water on appliances

It is important to note that the level of TDS will affect your home appliances. If you have high TDS in water in your area, then the appliances like water boiler, plumbing appliances, etc. would be at risk because there would be substantial buildup in the pipes and the equipment. Thus, measuring TDs will become essential for keeping the health of the home appliances intact.

• If you have a swimming pool

If you have a swimming pool in the backyard or outside the residence, you will need a TDS meter to determine TDS levels. It is because if the levels are too high, there will be clogged pipes, which would ultimately lead you to issues.

• Maintaining the filter systems

If you want to maintain the filter systems, you should check the TDS levels in the water, which will help keep the health of the filter systems.

With all the above details, it is clear why you need to invest in a decent TDS meter. Also, if you want, you can buy a water filtration system with a built-in filtration system and TDS meter.

You can checkout online for the best water filtration system and a TDS meter. These things will help you in maintaining your health through safe drinking and safe cooking water.


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Best Ellipticals for Short Persons

Short people have the most fun. They are cute and it is easy for them to sneak around. Fitness is for all and it is quite the task for short people to use proper gym equipment. These tools are ideally built for those of height and it is a constant struggle to find a suitable workout device.

The most non-accessible exercise tool would be Ellipticals. The matter of height is an inconvenience. The equipment is built for a full-body workout. The arms and legs need to work simultaneously. It is impossible to work if the ratio is uneven.

Understanding the difficulties faced by shorter people, Ellipticals have been designed for them. These are tailored to resolve height issues. This article lists out 5 of the best ellipticals for short people.

Top 5 Elliptical for Short Persons

  • Sole Fitness E35 Elliptical Machine Review:

This is one of the best ellipticals out there. It has all the essential factors you would need for a good workout.

  • The LCD of 7.5 inches, features all of your statistics in real-time. The calories you have burnt, the duration of your workout is all recorded by the equipment. The LCD has a blue light that makes it easier for your eye.
  • The 15-inch pedals can be adjusted to your preference. It has an incline, stride and console feature. It has a stride length of 22 inches. It has over 10 programs and 2 customizable features.
  • It is user-friendly and has adjustable parts in the equipment. A built-in water bottle holder, a cooler fan and a sound system are all part of the device.

  • ProForm 150i Elliptical Review:

This is a dream machine for workout fanatics. Its effortlessly convenient design allows you to gain muscles.

  • The handlebars feature soft grips, so you don’t bruise your hands. It makes your arms more toned and muscular.
  • You can make leg strides up to 17 inches. You can select your strides depending on your height and length. It can be adjusted to your comfort. The pedals are large enough to give your legroom.
  • There are many resistance levels you can test out. The equipment can handle up to 250 lbs.
  • It has a large LCD that displays information about heart rate and calories.

  • EFITMENT Magnetic Elliptical Machine Trainer Review:

If you live in a compact living space, then this is the elliptical for you. It is small in size with a small footprint so it fits right into your living space.

  • The foot-pads are non-slippery. It is made to prevent accidental injuries.
  • It is equipped with 8 magnetic resistance levels to push yourself during the workout. Each level motivates you to unlock the next. It turns your whole routine into a mission to be accomplished
  • The large LCD allows you to keep track of your real-time progress. The time that is taken, pulse rate, speed and calories burned will all be displayed.
  • The built-in sensors take note of your cardiovascular health, respiration and fat burn. It sustains weight up to 220lbs.
  • It is an ideal elliptical for those on a budget. This is quality equipment for a cheap price.

  • Exerpeutic 1000XL Magnetic Elliptical Review:

This is an elliptical that has taken advantage of magnetic technologies. It creates a magnetic tension that allows users to explore their physical abilities.

  • Essential bodily function features will be displayed on the LCD. It keeps your heart and pulse in check.
  • This machine operates quite smoothly and effortlessly. The V-belt drive makes the smooth operation viable.
  • It can sustain weight up to 300lbs. Both obese and overweight individuals can use this equipment without concern.
  • It is available for an affordable price range. The padded stationary handles make for ideal pulse readers.

  • Sunny Health and Fitness SF-E3804 Magnetic Elliptical Review:

This elliptical trainer is perfect for those who want a mobile machine that is lightweight.

  • The equipment is portable and gives you a wholesome workout session.
  • The machine weighs 81lbs. It is not recommended for those who are heavier set.
  • You can easily tilt the machine and roll it onto the living space required.
  • Similar to the previous models it has eight levels of magnetic resistance. The tension can be easily increased or decreased by a knob. You can modify the settings in accordance with your workout.
  • Your body functions are kept in check. The handles come with a pulse monitor and a heart rate monitor.
  • The textured pedals make it non-slippery and safe to use. It gives your feet grip and prevents accidents.
  • The stride length is up to 13.5 inches. It features dual-action handlebars that allow both backward and forward motion. It can sustain weight up to 287 lbs.
  • It is an affordable machine that is super convenient for use. The portable feature makes it the perfect equipment to own.

As mentioned, these are some of the equipment ideal for short people. It is important to choose the right elliptical for you. The process may seem a little tricky at first but you need to take into consideration a few things before purchase.

Keep in mind the following factors:

  • The Stride Length
  • Resistance Levels
  • Console Display
  • Conveniences
  • Durability

These four are the factors you need to thoroughly look into before buying an elliptical. Your weight, height, workout routine needs to be taken into consideration. Speak to a fitness trainer to get a clearer idea of the equipment you purchase.…

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Why it’s important to keep a good posture while studying?

“Sit straight!”, “Don’t Lean!”, everyone must have encountered with these types of command while studying. Am I right? The posture of the body should be always kept in mind while studying. It has a direct impact on your physique. If the posture while sitting is not given proper attention then it may lead to an innumerable number of health disease which may prove harmful afterwards. Diseases like arthritis, TMJ and much more bone disease affects your body part severely. You might have become offended sometimes due to constantly hearing the same commands by your teachers and parents while walking or sitting or sleeping. But you never came to know why they continuously asked you to improve your body posture. Properly read the below-mentioned points and be ready to know the truth.

Ideal Sitting Posture

Everyone talks about the effects of good posture on the body or how to improve body posture. Here you will come to know about what is the ideal body posture while sitting. Give it a read:-

  1. Sitting posture differs from person to person. The height, type of chair being used, work performed while sitting, are the factors which may determine various sitting postures.
  2. The feet of the person sitting on the chair should be resting flat on the ground or on the footrest part of the chair.
  3. The person should not cross the ankles or knees while sitting.
  4. The person should maintain a small gap between the back of the knees and the chair.
  5. The person should relax the shoulders while sitting.
  6. The person should sit straight while studying without leaning on the study table.
  7. Everyone should avoid sitting on the table for a long period of time. A short 10 minutes break should be taken every two hours.
  8. A cushion should be placed at the against the chair, back of the body, so that it may provide proper rest to the backbone.
  9. The person should sit straight and look forward without straining the neck.

These are some of the good posture sitting habits which one should develop in daily life for smooth and easy-going life. There are many more good postures but the above mentioned are some of the basic postures of the body that should be taken care while sitting and studying.

Effects of Bad posture on the Body

Bad sitting posture always puts stress on the human body. It’s impact on the human body always prove to be disastrous in one or the other way. If proper attention is not given to the body then it may lead to below mentioned health problems which generally proves fatal. Some of its severe impact on the human body are mentioned below:-

Pain in body parts:- Poor posture causes pain in body parts like back, shoulder and neck pain. Sitting for long hours may force your body to lean on the desk that creates a harmful impact on the back part of the body.

Headache:- Due to bad posture and continuous leaning on the desk a heavy pain in the head can be felt. The pain may increase if the body posture is not taken good care properly .

Curvature:- The backbone present in our back is not actually straight. There’s some kind of curve present in it naturally. Bad posture may distort these natural curves due to which you may feel some kind of a pain in your body.

Spinal Misalignment:- Misalignment in the spinal cord can be felt if you perform problems activities in the bad posture among one of the most complicated spinal problem.

Bad Circulation:- Sitting for prolonged hours may lead to bad Circulation in your body that will prove harmful later on.

Poor Digestion:- Due to slouching your body over your abdomen may lead to poor Digestion. It may hamper the metabolism system which leads to nutritional deficiency. Nutritional deficiency is not good for health.

Arthritis:- Poor posture leads to bone-diseases are known as Arthritis. In this, due to misalignment, it may cause pain in the knees or spine. Once this disease takes place in your body then it is very difficult to do daily activities freely.

Fatigue:- Poor posture has a negative effect on the energy level of the person.

Jaw pain:- Due to continuous slouching, a kind of pain can be felt in the jawline. This leads to temporomandibular Syndrome which affects the biting pattern.

Hence, the above mentioned are the reasons why we are often told to sit properly and study. Sitting properly while studying strengthens the energy present in your body and helps you in proper studying. Studying requires a good posture so that the brain will acquire knowledge properly without any strain. In other words, the brain requires a stressful environment to function properly. And good body posture is the best way to stress-free the brain.

So, it is advised to sit straight. Keep it in your mind from the next time before sitting otherwise you know the after-effects. Yes, some of the diseases can be solved after acquiring a good medical aid but then also the body posture remains the same and not improved than the current health issues may worsen to the extreme level. You never know a small habit may change your body language to such an extent. So better, obey your elders to live your to the fullest.…

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Japanese Skin Care

Japanese women are known for their enviable and flawless skin which radiates such youthfulness that one can never pinpoint what age-group they belong to, and most people attribute it to a rigorous regimen which is impossible to follow, but the reality is quite different. Here are some tips you too can follow and be surprised by the results

Use a light cleanser

The most basic step towards taking care of your skin is using a lightweight cleanser, with low or no alcohol content. It is essential to use a moisturising cleanser because stripping your skin off natural oils is never ideal. It’s best to cleanse your face, right before you go to sleep. Be sure to follow it up with some lightweight night cream.

The key is to stay away from harsh chemicals and also not to oversaturate your skin with products.

Skin Softening Cream

Possibly one of the best kept secrets, if you thought using moisturizers is the only way to get smooth and glowing skin, think again, softening creams are actually another range of products which add a boost to your skin and will definitely bring about an amazing glow to your face.

Facial Massage

When they say beauty is skin deep, it can have more than just one meaning, the blood circulation under your skin is an important factor in making your skin remain youthful and the best way to do so is, massage your facial muscles frequently, this can be done by using an electric massager, preferably one with angular attachments to suit the different contours of your face. You can include this ritual in your daily skin regimen, especially when you are sitting idle, like watching TV or listening to music.

Face Masks

Face masks are just the anti-ageing ritual to add to your regime to maintain moisture and by extension a supple feel to your skin. Look for hydrating masks with ingredients like hyaluronic acid and royal jelly. Apply it at least once a month.

Let your skin breathe

Everyone once in a while let your skin breathe, with absolutely no products. Not even moisturizer. This is essential for the skin to be able to breathe on its own and repair itself.

Use Sunscreen

With climate change, the solar rays are becoming more and more damaging and that has adverse effects on your skin when you step out. Sunscreen is not longer an optional cosmetic product, it is essential not just for skin health but also to prevent skin diseases.

Green Tea

Include green tea in your diet. It might take some time to develop the flavour but it’s definitely a habit which could do wonders for your skin.

Omega 3

Make sure to have an Omega-3 rich diet, as it is an essential nutrient for skin health. Avocados are a good source of Omega-3.


  • It’s never too late to start taking care of yourself and your skin.
  • Self care shouldn’t have to be an arduous task, you can create your own skin care regimen which is convenient to you but be sure to stick to it.
  • Healthy diet is as important as a skin care regime, be sure to stay away from sugary and fried food
  • The purpose of an anti-ageing regimen is not to age at all but to do so in the best way possible.
  • Products containing tea tree oil, green tea, seaweed, collagen are found to be beneficial for your skin.
  • Use silk or satin pillowcase, they do not rob your face off moisture
  • There are numerous Japanese websites which shop japanese products worldwide, you can definitely try some products like that and find out what works for you

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How To Choose Right Garment Steamer For You?

Clothes steamer is the new revolution in getting rid of pesky wrinkles from clothing and why not, they not only are effective in removing wrinkles but they also remove odors and brings out freshness in the fabric in a hassle free manner when compared with ordinary iron. Ordinary irons tend to damage the material but you do not run that risk when it comes to clothes steamer.

Here is all that you need to know before you make you decide whether a clothes steamer is ideal for you and if it is, how do you select one that suits you.

Benefits of Clothes Steamer

  • For someone who irons frequently and is not satisfied with how even after careful ironing, wrinkles remain, then steam press is your go to option, they are easy to use and you do not need skillful hands to operate them.
  • Clothes steamer comes in especially handy when you own a wardrobe with different variety of fabrics
  • Regarding choosing the right size- For a home based use, a medium size works best and handheld steamers are travel friendly. .

Type of clothes steamer

  • Commercial floor models used for large scale businesses
  • Mid-sized or standing steamers for small business or a large family

  • Handheld mini steamer can be used in a household and is travel friendly

Things to keep in mind while choosing a steamer

  • Refillable tank

The bigger the tank, the more steaming time, so choose a tank size which meets your needs, somewhere between 1500 ml to 1800 ml work best. Also choose a steamer which takes no longer than a minute for heat-up time. For travel a tank capacity of 150 ml is ideal

  • Reach

It’s good to test out the cord length and attachments that come with the device to find out if it meets all your requirements. Try to get the nozzle to reach over on your attire and see if you can easily handle it.

  • Auto power off

This feature is of utmost importance to prevent your steamer from being a fire hazard.

  • Replacement Parts

The attachments are bound to get worn out in due time, find out if replacement parts can be bought easily and are cost efficient.

Other Important Considerations

  • Although nowadays everything under the sun is available online, clothes steamer is just one of those things, you are better off buying from a mortar and brick store, as you need to get a feel of the steamer, the accessories and whether its comfortable for you to actually use it.
  • It also helps to check out, whether the claims are true, the steaming time, the volume of the steamer is just as you desire and the cord length.

Suggestions after you buy yourself a Garment Steamer

  • Do not leave leftover water in the tank after you are done steaming, collected water can develop a smell which can easily transfer to your clothes
  • Do thoroughly wash the tank every now and then, especially if your water supply has levels of chlorine or minerals
  • If the water supply in your area is known to have hard minerals or iron, its better to use filtered water
  • Be careful while filling water in the tank and do not let the cord or other parts come in touch with water
  • It’s best to read the label for directions as to how much temperature a particular piece of clothing can take and proceed from there, it also helps to test out on a small portion of the clothing before steaming the entire cloth.
  • It helps to hang whatever clothing you want to steam, and then proceed with the process with improved reachability as opposed to laying out the cloth when you iron clothes


There is no doubt that Garment steamer is the future of getting wrinkle and crease free, it’s only a matter of whether you are going to make the switch now or a few years down the line.…

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All You Need To Know About Sous Vide Machine

The cooking technique that is all the rage these days is sous vide (pronunciation – sue-veed). Sous vide is french for “under vacuum”. Earlier it was a well kept secret of the professionals, a cooking technique that makes the best use of precise temperature control to deliver consistent, and the restaurant-quality results that can not be recreated using any other cooking method.. The recent popularity of the technique can be attributed to the availability of inexpensive and easy-to-use sous vide equipment.

Even though the technique sounds extravagant and fancy, it can be done in three easy steps:

Step 1

Hook your equipment to a deep bottomed vessel filled with water. Set the time and temperature according to the level of doneness you desire. At first it will take some time to experiment and learn the balance between the temperature, time and doneness but until then there are numerous recipes on the internet which you can follow and make yourself a delicious meal.

Step 2

Next, whatever food you are planning to cook, place it in a food grade sealable bag and clip it to the side of the vessel. Make sure not to overfill the bag, you need to make sure there is a sufficient amount of space left in the bag.

Step 3

You can finish your meal prep by either roasting, searing or grilling the food to lend it a nice crispy and golden layer.

Benefits of cooking Sous vide

Sous vide cooking brings in a lot of control in your hands which can not be achieved through any conventional method of cooking. With the least amount of effort and time you can whip up consistently delicious food every single time. The flavour and texture of the food is unmatched.

If you are still not convinced, here are four amazing benefits of sous vide cooking

  • Consistency – Having complete control over the temperature and time you will have the same flavour and texture each time you make your classic recipes
  • Flavour – The food is cooked in its own juices, hence ensuring juicy and tender texture and the best of flavour profile.
  • Zero Waste– Conventional techniques dry out food which results in wastage and also reduces the flabou profiles, which is not the case in sous vide cooking as the juices remained intact and the food is cooked in its own juices
  • Convenience– Conventional cooking demands you to pay constant attention to the cooking process, stirring and making sure it doesn’t burn but you can be rid of all such worries when it comes to sous vide cooking

Types of Sous Vide Machines

Sous vide equipment have been around for decades but only to be seen in professional kitchens around the globe, the main reasons for their rarity being, the bulkiness, complexity and expensiveness. Even when it became accessible, it largely remained a well kept secret of professional. With the advent of cooking shows and social media, consumers are becoming increasingly knowledgeable about novel cooking techniques.

Here are the three different kinds of machines you can choose from when you are ready to try out Sous Vide Machines

Sous Vide Immersion Circulator

Very much like an immersion blender, instead of blending, you get a restaurant style cooked meal. What the immersion circulator essentially does is that it heats water and circulates it around the pot to maintain precise temperature throughout. They can be attached with any vessel and so you can use it with any vessel you want and they do not take much space.

Sous Vide Water Oven

They are devices that look like microwaves and are more expensive than an immersion circulator. They also take up much space. They heat water but do not circulate the water, which might not yield consistent texture in your food/

Sous vide usage tips

  • If you are someone who loves seasoning, you can add spices along with the ingredients you are using in a sealable bag and then drop it in the pot for cooking
  • Use food grade or silicon sealable bags or plastic will leak into your food
  • Be sure to experiment with ingredients and find out what works for you, having a sous vide journal helps, in which you can note down the exact temperature and time that yielded the texture you loved the best.

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